What is pet nat?

What is pet nat?

Short for Pétillant Naturel, meaning ‘naturally sparkling’, it is the oldest way of making sparkling wine that is enjoying a well-deserved revival! Think of it as the fun and light-hearted cousin of Champagne and Prosecco.

How is Pet Nat made?

Pet Nat is made by bottling the wine before the fermentation has finished, meaning it continues to ferment in the bottle where the natural yeasts consume the sugars in the grape juice, releasing carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide = bubbles!

They can be made from any grape, in any region, in any style as Pet Nat’s are not subject to appellation rules. This gives the winemaker freedom of expression resulting in a large variety of Pet Nat’s being made and usually at a more affordable price than traditional sparkling wines.

Typically, Pet Nat’s are cloudy and considered to have ‘funky’ characteristics due to being unfiltered and unfined. These traits are desired by many as they represent a taste of something truly unique. We are seeing demand increase for this new (but very old) honest and sustainable style of winemaking.

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