What is Biodynamic wine?

What is Biodynamic wine?

This is agriculture as a collaboration between human beings and nature in which both can flourish, respecting the ecology, culture and tradition of a place.

Have you heard of biodynamic farming in wine? It’s an approach that goes beyond just growing grapes and making wine – it’s a whole philosophy that considers the farm as a living organism, and aims to work with nature in a holistic way.

“Care for the earth and nature has traditionally been at the heart of agriculture for generations. Biodynamics respects these traditions and recognises that now, in this time of climate change and the exhaustion of planetary resources, sustainability is not enough. As human beings we are responsible for the regeneration of ecology and landscapes within our agricultural systems.” – Biodynamic Federation, Demeter

Here are some of the guiding principles of biodynamic farming in wine:

  1. Working with the moon: Biodynamic farmers believe that the phases of the moon can influence the growth of plants and grapes, so they use a lunar calendar to plan their work in the vineyard.
  2. Promoting biodiversity: Biodynamic farmers aim to create a diverse and healthy ecosystem on the farm, with a variety of plants, animals, and insects. This helps to build healthy soil and improve the overall health of the vineyard.
  3. Natural pest and disease control: Instead of using synthetic pesticides and herbicides, biodynamic farmers use natural methods like companion planting and crop rotation to prevent pests and diseases.
  4. Special preparations: Biodynamic farmers use a series of special preparations made from natural ingredients like herbs and minerals, which are believed to enhance the health of the soil and the vines.
  5. Ethical considerations: Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach that considers the farm as part of a larger spiritual ecosystem. This means treating all living beings on the farm with respect and compassion, and understanding the interconnectedness of everything.

This philosophy continues in the winery too as winemakers will often clean with natural products, allow for spontaneous fermentation from wild yeasts and gently guide the wine to express itself without the use of additives.

So if you’re looking for a wine that’s not just delicious but also grown in a way that respects the environment and promotes biodiversity, look for biodynamic wines! You can always spot a biodynamic wine as it will have the certification logo ‘Demeter’ on the label.

At Native Vine, this philosophy resonates with our ethos and we work with lots of biodynamic vineyards and have categorised these on our site. If you’re interested to learn more about biodynamic farming we would recommend reading more here: https://demeter.net/biodynamics/biodynamic-approach/

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