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"1 x ticket to the wine club tasting"
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Wine Club #9 This one's about apples

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WHEN – Wednesday the 22nd of September @ 7pm
WHERE – The Bristol Loaf Bedminster (BS3 4HL)

Wine club is an informal event and a chance to try a range of special, rare and unique wines with others who are keen to explore lesser known regions, curious grape varieties and sometimes unconventional wine-making. Anyone can join from novices to purple teethed wine gurus. We are all learning, all the time and that is half the fun!

This week, for a one off special, we will be drinking Cider! For every person that comes to this event, we will open another bottle of cider! The idea being to explore the breadth of our cider range and give everyone the chance to explore lots of different styles.

If you’d like some cheese to nibble on at the same time, Two Belly will be putting together a nice little selection so you can pre-order a cheese plate via this link below:

Wine Club #9 Accompanying Cheese Plate

Tricky times with COVID being present. If you have symptoms or have been asked to isolate, just let us know and I will refund your ticket.

Spaces are limited and often sell very quickly so grab them while you can.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: