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Wine Club #7 Wine from Oregon with Bryanna from Oregon

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WHEN – Tuesday the 17th of August @ 7pm
WHERE – The Bristol Loaf Bedminster (BS3 4HL)

Wine club is an informal event and a chance to try a range of special, rare and unique wines with others who are keen to explore lesser known regions, curious grape varieties and sometimes unconventional wine-making. Anyone can join from novices to purple teethed wine gurus. We are all learning, all the time and that is half the fun!

This week we will be joined by our friend and supplier, Bryanna, who will be sharing some really special wines from Oregon. Bryanna grew up in Oregon and has either worked with or is friends with some of the producers she’ll be presenting wines from. So if, like me, you don’t know much about this region, this will be the perfect opportunity to get to know it! As usual, no spoilers in this email but I can assure you the wine will be very special, as always.

The Loaf Kitchen will be closed this evening but, after last week’s success, we will be offering an optional cheese plate from Two Belly again. Priced at £10 (also superb value) and available to purchase here:

Wine Club #7 Accompanying Cheese Plate

Wine club started as a lockdown past time and is evolving each week. It will always be a casual affair but we are also experimenting with its structure in order to find what works best. As the capacity grows and we are able to share the experience with more people, I’m also thinking of ways to streamline the experience. If you could arrive early / promptly so we can get everyone seated and get stuck into tasting on time, it’d be greatly appreciated. There will be a taste of something to enjoy while everyone gets settled in, followed by a tasting and a bit of chat that should last about 1 hour and half. If you’d like to hang around after, you are free to buy a bottle from the shelf and continue to enjoy the evening!

Spaces are limited and often sell very quickly so grab them while you can.

Tricky times with COVID being present. If you have symptoms or have been asked to isolate, just let us know and I will refund your ticket.
Whilst Covid restrictions are much looser these days, we ask you to please be considerate of others. We will continue to encourage social distancing and mask wearing whilst not seated.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: