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The Vegan Easter Trio

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A fresh, vibrant, juicy red made from Aglianicone, which is a rare indigenous clone of the region's most famous grape for fine wine - Aglianico.

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1 × Kisi, Pheasant's Tears 2019
Orange wine aged in traditional qvervi (amphora). The Georgians have been making wine this way for thousands of years!

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Wild, spritzy and natural white wine from the Asti region in northern Italy.

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Martedi Paestum Rosso, Vigneti Tardis 2018

Chosen to accompany a Veggie or Vegan Easter lunch, this vibrant, juicy red wine will go nicely with lightly spiced, flavourful dishes. A collaboration between Shoreditch sommelier and Jack Lewens and Campanian winemaker Bruno di Conciliis.

Kisi, Pheasant’s Tears 2019

Chosen to accompany a vegan or veggie Easter lunch that may have a bit more spice and/or nutty flavours. This is a amphora aged orange wine. If you’ve heard of orange wine you may think its a new fad, but the Georgians have been making wine this way for thousands of years!

Vino Bianco “Arcese”, Bera Vittorio & Figli 2018

This Pet-Nat makes for a great alternative fizz to kick of your Easter celebration. A Pet-Nat is a natural way of making sparking wine. The bubbles are lighter and the overall flavour more wine-ey! If you prefer a more natural approach to wine or want to try something different then give this a go!