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"A selction of our reds that have a bit more body and richness than most."
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Richer Reds

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Classic rich and spicy Cote-du-Rhone from this exceptional organic co-op making clean and accessible natural wine.

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Malbec was born in Cahors in France before it made its way to Argentina and this is a fine example!

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1 × Priorat 'Clos de Tafall', Clos Berenguer 2018
If Spanish reds are your thing and you have not tried Priorat, then this is a great introduction to one of Spain's most under the radar fine wine regions.

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1 × Els Corrals, Celler Carlania, Conca de Barbera, Spain, 2017
Full bodied Catalan red. Merlot blended with a little bit of the local grape Trepat.

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World class Croze-Hermitage producer, Alain Graillot is behind this surprisingly complex, spicy and fruity Moroccan red.

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Chianti at its best from Somerset local Sean O'Callaghan.

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