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"These lightly sparkling wines are fermented naturally in bottle without any additions. As a result they are lighter and more authentic in character to the original wine. Think grape cider rather than Prosecco or Champagne."
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Pet-Nat Case

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Biodynamic Welsh Pet Nat (Natural Bubbly) made with the Triomphe grape. Tangy, ripe, juicy, lightly sparkling and delicious.
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Wild, spritzy and natural white wine from the Asti region in northern Italy.

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1 × Il Brut and The Beast, Valli Unite 2019
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Delicious and brilliant value sparkling Garganega with crunchy refreshing green apple fruit, intense minerality and a hint of spice on the nose and the palate.

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Sout African Pet-Nat (Natural Bubbly!) made with Chenin Blanc. Fresh and Fruity. Craig Hawkins is one of the successful first, of the new generation of South African Natural Winemakers.

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Amazing rich pet-nat (natural sparlking wine) from biodynamic producer in Catalonia.

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