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"A red and white from three of our favourite and most affordable natural wine producers in France, Spain and Italy."
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Natural Case

6 x Bottles 75cl


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1 × Lo Petit Fantet d'Hippolyte Rouge, Ch. Ollieux-Romanis 2020
High alcohol as it is from one of the hottest parts of the Languedoc but it is brilliantly balanced with freshness and fruit which make it a joy to drink!

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You can always rely on this grape blend to bring some weight to the table. Very drinkable but will stand up to some bigger flavours on the plate.

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A co-op dedicated to preserving the agrarian way of life and the rhythms of the earth. These are proper rustic Italian wines!

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Exceptional value from a natural co-op in Piedmont.

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1 × Gran Cerdo Tempranillo , Wii Gonzalo Gonzalo 2020
Naughty but nice natural red wine made in the Rioja region. Naughty because its not allowed to be called Rioja. Nice because its bloody delicious.

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A great tapas wine, i.e. it goes with everything! Soft texture, citrussy and subtly herbaceous.

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Gran Cerdo has been a long time natural wine favourite and was the obvious choice for this selection. This Spanish red and white wine duo seems to be loved by all, novice and connoisseur alike. The wines are smooth, fruity and just very likeable, whilst retaining an element of purity and complexity.

Ottavio Rube Rosso and Bianco from Valli Unite are wonderful examples of wines from Italy’s most prestigious region – Piedmont. Traditional farming and production make for very drinkable wines that are full of character and intrigue.

Lo Petit Fantet d’Hippolyte is an impossibly hard name to remember but don’t let it put you off! These delicious, fruit-packed wines from Chateau Ollieux Romanis are completely atypical for wines of the Corbiere region in southern France, but in a very good way.


6 x Bottles 75cl

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