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Fins Als Kullons, Finca Parera 2019

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The Parera family consider themselves farmers before winemakers. This is not to say they are not skilled in their craft- Rubén Parera (latest generation) studied winemaking at the world-famous wine making school in Bordeaux. The Parera family believe true quality comes from toiling the land and nurturing the growing conditions to allow the fruit to thrive. They have been running the estate for over 100 years. They grow cherries, olives, almonds and of course, grapes. They are famous in Catalonia for their organic cherries! Biodynamic practices have moved them towards allowing vines to follow a more natural path (leaving them un-pruned in some instances), letting ground cover grow vigorously and incorporating a plethora of vegetables, herbs and flowers dotted in and around the rows of vines. Rubén often greets visitors with the phrase ‘welcome to the jungle’! Despite Rubén’s classical training in winemaking he is quite radical in his approach and applies a minimal intervention approach. The resulting wines are bold, unique and a breath of fresh air in a world where wine styles are becoming increasingly homogenous.


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