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"A selection of wonderfully off-piste natural wines."
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Explorer's Case

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Scents of plums, black cherries and wild plants, with pleasant earthy and mineral hints. Lively and well - blended tannins and good acidity. The finish is long and harmonious with spicy notes.

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A very natural still white made using skin contact from the key cava grape (Xarello)

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Georgian wine made using ancient techniques dating back thousands of years. Aged in kevri.

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Delicious and brilliant value sparkling Garganega with crunchy refreshing green apple fruit, intense minerality and a hint of spice on the nose and the palate.

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Somewhere between light red and rose this wine is deliciously undefinable. Lovingly made by Alessandra and Carlo Venturini on their biodyamic farm in Verona.

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Ripe and powerful expression of Tempranillo. Full of fresh, lively red fruit. Think strawberries and spice.

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A selection of wonderfully off-piste natural wines. We have a red and orange from Catalonia, a biodynamic syrah from France, a Pet Nat from Italy, A lightly sparkling pink from Germany and amphora aged orange wine from Georgia.

Disclaimer – If you like classic wines this case is not for you!


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