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"We have tried so many delicious wines from Eastern Europe and beyond that we thought we'd better put a case together."
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Esoteric Eastern Case

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1 × Kovidinka, Maurer NV
A "party starter" kind of orange wine

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Fresh, zesty, limey, lick lipping beauty with a bit of spritz. Unfiltered and all the better for it! Classic in many ways but also a bit of a rebel!

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Fresh citrus, green apple, white peach and hint of white flowers on the nose, elegant, clean and crisp with a round finish

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Delicious light red that packs a punch from Judith Beck who has style and substance, no compromise.

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1 × Fred #7, Strekov 1075 NV
Lovely tannic structure, yet great acidity. Perfect fun wine for dinner and after.

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The Steinthal is the oldest documented single vineyard of Velm-Götzendorf. Hints of sweet tobacco and blackberries are present as well as beautiful fresh forest.

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