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"An aperitif, a versatile red and white, and a sticky wine that works well with desserts and cheese to make for a fun and interesting evening with friends."
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Dinner Party Four

4 x Bottles 75cl


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Served in Basque Pintxos bars, poured from a height into tumblers.

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Creamy in texture, floral and lots of stone fruit flavours. This in one hand, mozzarella in the other.

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1 × Terre de Mistral , Estézargues 2019
Classic rich and spicy Cote-du-Rhone from this exceptional organic co-op making clean and accessible natural wine.

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Wonderfully characterful sherries from a fifth-generation grower in Chipiona, the famous area for Muscat.

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Txakoli – This is a really fun and interesting aperitif wine that makes for a real talking point. Traditionally served in Basque Pintxos bars, poured from a height into tumblers. Why not have a go!

Falerio – A fresh and fruity white that has a little body and texture making for a good all rounder when matching with food.

Terre de Mistral – A dark and spicy red with some body and structure making for a versatile food wine.

Cruz del Mar Cream – Yes this is a cream sherry and we spend a lot of time trying to persuade customers to take this home in our shop as many are at first unsure. Its a far cry from the bigger brand names. The quality of the long aged sherries that are blended to make this artisanal sweet wine are made with great finesse and care. This offers so much value and is incredibly versatile. Works well with most sweet treats particularly dark chocolate. Also a great accompaniment to cheese and even cured meat and olives.


4 x Bottles 75cl