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"Unfiltered and hazy. Totally natural wine at an incredible price!"
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6 PACK Ciello Bianco

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Unfiltered and hazy. Totally natural wine at an incredible price!

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The Ciello Bianco is a great introduction to natural wine. It’s rare to find natural wine at this price yet the Ciello ticks all the boxes. It has had a few days of skin contact (grape skins left in the juice whilst it ferments) which adds a bit of extra aromatics, flavour and texture. This is how orange wine is made and whilst you might not class this is a fully qualified orange wine, it is a good insight.

The dynamic Vesco family took over the winery 10 years ago and have since revolutionised the viticultural practices and invested heavily in cutting edge technology for the winery and bottling line.
Their hundred hectares of organic vineyards are located high up in the hills above Alcamo. The wines are all certified organic and planted on south-east facing slopes on sandy soils 150 –300m above sea level. The climate is clearly suited for producing the best quality grapes.
The vineyards in three main sites: Alcamo for Catarrattoand Nero d’Avola. The grapes tend to be picked earlier in the year than many of their neighbours which produces their customary bright, fresh style of wine.
The results are evident in theCatarratto and perfumed, fresh Nero d’Avola. These wines are a million miles from the overripe styles made by many of theirpeers. Night harvesting and modern temperature-controlled fermentations result in bright, fresh, modern wines.
The first bottling of the Ciello tends to have the lees in evident suspension, the wine be chalky-opaque, but the fresh has that just-off-the-tank freshness. Subsequent bottlings will be a mite less cloudy; what you gain in clarity you lose a touch in mouthfeel.


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