Strekov 1075

"The wine growing is my widest channel to life and to God."

How did you find yourself working in wine?


At the beginning my ego was managing my decisions. I wanted to make the best wine on the world. Now I want to make the best wine I´m able to do. To reach this goal I need to be a better man. I have to give birth to my soul from the ring of my ego. I´m still giving birth…..

Is there anything outside of wine that you like to do that helps you make great wine?

I´m taking care of my surroundings – of the people around me, of the nature, animals, of everything around me….. helping them to stay healthy. This is the key to the best wine, too.

What about anything that inspires you? (e.g. music, art, TV?)

I love good people, deep music and literature.

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Are you big wine-drinker yourself?

No! I´m not!!!!  I´m winecoholic. I love to drink and to philosophize.

What do you like drinking?

All liquids, because drinking is more sexy than eating.

Is there a wine out there that you wish you could claim as your own?


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What got you into working with wine?

My local patrotism.

What does producing wine mean to you?

The wine growing is my widest channel to life and to God.

Where do you think the wine business is right now? Is it a good place?

I feel that we can rejoice that we live in a varied and variable age. We can also enjoy that these changes are along real values, turning back to the tradiotional winemaking without additives and to the ecological manners in vine growing.

Where are your wines sold? Is there anywhere that your wine is sold that makes you feel proud?

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My wines are sold in more than 30 countries. I´m proud, that all my distributors visited my place and we drunk together. I don´t want to work with somebody, who´s taste and preference is different from mine and wants to distribute my wines only because of the business. I prefer distributors who think the similar way and are spreading the values of natural wines. I´m also proud, that my wines are on demanding places all over the world. In spite of  the fact, that Slovakia and the Central Europe wasn´t accepted as a place for high valued wines.

What is most important to you about your land and the way you farm?

The life. The life in my vineyards, the life of my animals and the living quality of my colleagues working with me. The sustainable life in my village.

What’s your favourite/most prized creation?

That my business is still alive, however we chose the hardest way in winegrowing and in winemaking. I mean the single stick vineyard in ecological manner and winemaking method without sulfites.

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What’s your decision-making process?

Good question. I´m trying to be a better person. I used to make decisions more intuitively, based on the belief that I can manage my surroundings better if I´m a good man. My head is only a part of my body, only the level of my the logical reality, but I have to make the decisions with my whole being.  Probably this is the reason of my not so reasonable decisions.