Martin Obenaus

"You are like an artist; you are involved in a process of creation, and you are able to give your spirit in the wine."

Obenaus 2

Martin Obenaus is a third-generation passionate winegrower from Weinviertel. The Obenaus family have lived in Glaubendorf for more than a century now. A tranquil village on the westernmost part of the wine region. We asked him a few questions about his approach to wine making…

How did you find yourself working in wine?

In my childhood I always helped the family in the vineyard and so I got into the family business. I started early with my projects in the vineyard and cellar. My parents let me have my experience.

Obenaus 1

Is there anything outside of wine that you like to do that helps you make great wine?

I think the hunting part is one of the things that help me in winemaking. It sounds maybe strange but, when I am on the hunt, I always have to look at things from the outside and you have to see all around you and not only one single animal… and it is quite the same in winegrowing you have also to look at the other plants and animals around the vineyard…

What about anything that inspires you?

I love art, and old buildings from the monarchy. I love to go to art exhibitions. I find calm and strengths in paintings.

Obenaus 8

Are you a big wine-drinker yourself?

Of course, I like to drink wine, I like to drink wines from friends and from growers who inspire me.

What do you like drinking?

Red wines with low alcohol, but with pressure on the palate. Is there a wine out there that you wish you could claim as your own? Once I drank a sweet wine from Tauss. It was one of my favourite wines I have tasted, very special in the flavour, dark plumps, and the colour was nearly black kind of a dark brown.

What got you into working with wine?

Obenaus 9

I saw it from my parents, and I could not imagine a different kind of work. I always wanted to work with nature.

What does producing wine mean to you?

It means to create a liquid idea of yourself.  You are like an artist; you are involved in a process of creation, and you are able to give your spirit in the wine.

Where do you think the wine business is right now?

Obenaus 4

I think I can place myself in the wine world. I am a small producer, and I will find my spot. And good drinks are always welcome.

Where are your wines sold?

The most part is sold in Europe. But I am proud that my wines find customers in Asia and America.

What is most important to you about your land and the way you farm?

I try to use the tools in my area. I am focused in working with the surrounding flora and fauna. my area is not a total wine area so there are also forest, grassland and other agriculture around. No monoculture in the landscape.

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What’s your most prized creation?

I love my unchained red. It’s a low alcohol red with high drinkability.

What’s your decision-making process?

It depends on the decision. At winegrowing I usually have an idea and then I figure out how I come to the final solution with less impact from myself.