"The most beautiful pictures are painted by nature; with bio-dynamic farming and minimalistic wine making in the cellar I frame those artworks"

How did you find yourself working in wine?


This has been the business of my Family since 1673; but no one has pushed me ever to take over the winery.
In 2004 I nearly finished a dive instructor education in Thailand. I was close to completing and I was called back to the winery to help during harvest. I never went back!

What is integral to how you grow and produce wine?

The nature and the trust in nature. Nature is everything… Bringing nature and fun together in one bottle. That makes me really happy.

What about anything that inspires you?

Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock

Are you big wine-drinker yourself?

Sure 😊 😊


I love “good” natural wines from around the world.  My preferred style is light, juicy with structure and texture
or individual bio-dynamic Champagnes…

Is there a wine out there that you wish you could claim as your own?

No. I like what I’m doing; otherwise I would not do it or do it in a different way.

What got you into working with wine?

I like it to put my own character and taste into a product what makes others happy after one bottle.


Where do you think the wine business is right now? Is it a good place?

Hard question….


Better question would be: where does humanity stand today? Is it a good place?
Answer: NO we’re on the edge; climate change; excessive bureaucracy; Politicians controlled by lobbying…

But to answer it for me personally: I go MY way; I love what I’M doing and the very small niche with bio-dynamic farmed natural wines is the right place for me 😊

Where are your wines sold? Is there anywhere that your wine is sold that makes you feel proud?


My wines are sold in around 30 countries (Also exotic countries like New Zealand, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil etc)
around the world; what is a lot for a winery in my size. I’m proud of all of them.

What is most important to you about your land and the way you farm?

My parents were one of the first producers in Austria to change the whole farm to organic production in 1984. This means I grew up in a farm and family that thought always in a different way. With this background I have different possibilities in the vineyards then others. But here is one sentence what describes it best:


“The most beautiful pictures are painted by nature; with bio-dynamic farming and minimalistic wine making
in the cellar I frame those artworks“.

What’s your favourite/most prized creation?

NUMEN Fumé blanc.

What’s your decision-making process?

50% Concept & 50% decision of the moment or call it gut feeling 😊