Sager and Wine

Sager and Wine is a London based importer who specialise in expressive natural wines made by passionate people

Fairly new to the import market, Sager and Wine have carved out a respectable space for themselves in the natural wine sphere. Their philosophy is about working with wines that have an impact on the team personally. Each hand selected bottle must speak of the time, place, and people that made it. Sager and Wine believe in farming and production methods that give back to the earth and coexist with nature. More often than not, this involves a philosophy of organic or biodynamic agriculture, though each winemaker will have their own unique take. Their growers often produce very little, and indeed, sometime next to nothing because they see the land as a precious asset and primary source of life rather than profit. This means you can’t afford to miss these wines when they come around.

At a glance, their portfolio is inclusive, dynamic and quite frankly a little different from others in the field. As you start digging deeper into the list you will see precise and clean wines dominating, awash with stories from historical regions or championing progressive, modern perspectives.

Sager and Wine have a handful of bars in London where you can work your way through the ranges they carry or shop them here at Native Vine.

Sager + Wilde