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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is delivery?

Click below for full information.

What is natural wine?

Natural wine is a wine with low additives and made from organically farmed grapes. Click below for more info…

What makes wine vegan?

Most wine that we sell is vegan. Some wines use additives or fining agents that contain animal products such as egg white, isinglass or bone. For more info click below…

What is orange wine?

Orange wine is made from white grapes that have been macerated on their skins. For more info click below for more info…

What is biodynamic wine?

Biodynamic wine is made from grapes that are cultivated following Biodynamic farming practices. Biodynamic farming is like organic farming but with a much more in depth and holistic approach. For more information click below…

What is a Wild Wine?

You maybe wondering why some of our wines have a sticker/icon saying wild wine. This is because they are wines that display, what we deem as, unexpected characteristics for what most would attribute to what a wine tastes like.

Do you host wine events?

Yes we do. Please check our Events Page or follow us on Facebook.

Can I taste wine before buying?

Yes if you live near the shop feel free to pop in any time and try what we have available on our tasting counter. We can then get an idea for what you like and guide you towards the sorts of wines that suit your palate.

Do you sell wholesale?

No not currently but please let us know if this is something that interests you. We look to work with local businesses in the future.

My wine doesn’t taste right?

If you think you have a faulty wine or are unhappy with the quality of your purchase in any way, we are very keen to know about it. Please call, email or ideally pop in with the wine to discuss and we will happily replace anything that you are unsatisfied with.

We are very careful in selecting wines that are stable and made well. Any wines that have strikingly unusual flavour profiles to what many are used too will be marked with a wild-card symbol. It is quite common and completely understandable that some people will taste a wine that is unusual and think there is something wrong with it. We ask that you look out for the wild-card wines to avoid any unexpected surprises. Whether drinking wild-card wines or not there will be rare occasions when there is something wrong with the wine. There are various wine faults out there. Cork taint, oxidation and mousiness (whilst rare) are the most common we come across. There are also some qualities that may be intentional such as volatile acidity that are perceived by some as a fault.

What ever your concerns we are here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch if your experience of our wines didn’t make the grade.

Where’s my Delivery?

All of our deliveries our traceable through our courier system. Please get in touch and we’ll resolve your query.

What are your shipping terms?

Please click here to see our shipping terms.


Breakages must be reported to the courier on receipt of the wine to be eligible for refunds or replacements.