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Our Wine

Our approach is simple. Nothing goes on the shelf unless we love it. We are not interested in wine snobbery or new-wave wine dogma. Like everything in life, we believe there should be a considered approach. Each wine is selected on its individual merits. We’ve put a lot of thought into what makes great wine so you don’t have to. Essentially when sniffing out wine we love, we look for drinkability, integrity, personality and sustainability.


What is the motivation behind making the wine?

Our favourite wines come from small family producers who are creating something that is in harmony with nature, culture and tradition. Effectively, the only thing going into the wine other than grapes, is love. Wines with integrity, a natural personality and uniqueness that make them a joy to drink.


Is the wine made, packaged and shipped with respect to the environment?

All of our wines are from sustainable* vineyards. Nearly all are farmed organically. Most are certified organic or biodynamic. We also have a sustainable range of wines on tap with refill bottles. There is a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions by purchasing these wines so we would encourage you to ask about and try what we have available when in store. There are no ‘perfect’ sustainable solutions within a retail context but our desire to work ethically and sustainably is heartfelt.  We will always strive to find the best products, solutions and use the best possible working practices. We are always open to feedack and suggestions around this aspect of our business.

*Sustainable farming is not a throw-away term but something that we have researched and considered. Some wines at lower price-points from climates with heavy rainfall are not able to fully conform to organic practices. Although it may not be a perfect solution we make sure that the producer is following some kind of certified program or procedure which means that the integrity of the soil and surrounding environment is respected. Part of our consideration is providing wines that are priced accessibly to everyone in the community.


What does it cost and why? 

We want to offer good wine to everyone and provide wine at a range of prices starting from under £10 per bottle.

The value of wine is commonly measured by perceived quality versus the price. The difficulty with this, is that perceived quality is entirely subjective, therefore this approach can result in relying on wine ‘experts’ deciding what we like to drink. It can also lead to the heavily processing of wines to bring about a perceived quality that is manufactured. Our approach is simple. If the wine meets the criteria of drinkability, integrity, sustainability and the costs are fair for the producer and the consumer then we are happy. Sometimes quite simple wines may come at a higher price point and have a quality that cannot easily described or technically defined. All we know is that we love them and that they ‘feel’ like good value.

Cutting Out the Middleman

We love to work closely with small and passionate importers. We see them as friends and like to be able to work with them to create the best outcome for producer, importer and wine drinker. Large importers and wholesalers have big marketing budgets and sales teams. Buying power may get them a keen price on entry level wines but these, on the whole, are unethical, bulk wines that we wouldn’t sell.


Do we want to drink this?

Drinking wine should be easy and enjoyable! Sounds obvious but amazingly often we come across wines that we are told we should like because they are from a certain producer or region of great repute; or that they are critically acclaimed, technically brilliant or well-loved by those in the know. If we are honest however, they can be overpriced and surprisingly often, not that enjoyable to drink! We have lots of wines that are exciting, unusual and even surprising, and many that are much more straight forward. What is most important to us is that they taste delicious. It’s as simple as that!

Who We Are

We are Native Vine! We love delicious and unique wines that leave you wanting more. We have a great range of organic wines from small scale producers, including many from lesser-known regions and grape varieties. We don’t stop with wine. You can find an interesting and eclectic range of beer, cider, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks such as kombucha. As with wine – we look for special and interesting beverages from true artisans. We have drinks to excite and suit all palates which are available directly through this site. If you live in Bristol, we encourage you to come into our store (The Bristol Vine) to see us where you can taste wine and get advice from our knowledgeable team. We always have a selection of exciting things open to try, including some delicious sustainable wines on tap! Whether you want to find new and interesting wines or have a specific idea of the types of wines you love, we can help you on that journey. Join us in our quest to bring better and affordable wine to Bristol and the UK.