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How To Find The Wine You Love

“…at Native Vine, we have become less interested in which boxes a wine ticks and more interested in which buttons it presses.”

We know that wine can be confusing, and we know that our wine might seem more confusing than most! The easy solution to this would be to categorise wine into neat, easy-to-understand boxes. For example, Aussie Shiraz, Rioja and Chardonnay are well known wine types. You may hear these names and have an inkling of what to expect. The problem is there is so much diversity within each of these simplified categories. Lets say for example you pick up a bottle of Chardonnay, it could be a cheap mass-produced wine from a hot country; it might be an elegant crisp Chablis from Northern France, or it could even be a bottle of expensive Champagne.

When choosing wine at Native Vine, we have become less interested in which boxes a wine ticks, and more interested in which buttons it presses. The aromas, flavours and textures are more important than the legal designated status of origin and quality. We often ask ourselves, do we connect with the people who work the vineyards and who lovingly make the wine? How do we feel about those who make sacrifices for the land they love, local culture, or family tradition. The story is important because it opens doors within our imagination, allowing us to interpret with more connection. Finding these, interesting bottles, often from lesser-known regions and obscure, indigenous grape varieties makes for a far richer experience. It’s the uniqueness and personality expressed in each wine that gets our hearts pumping. After all, life is most interesting when we engage with its diversity.

So what we say is, be confused. Celebrate the unknown. Wine can be so much more, when it’s let out of the box! The worst that can happen is you won’t enjoy the bottle, but that’s a step towards finding the one you really will enjoy.

If you don’t know where to start we have carefully created a range of mixed cases with themes that we hope might peak your interest. Whether it’s a region, a style or a flavour profile, they represent wines we love that share a thread.

If you find yourself in Bristol come into our shop and talk to us. We have wines available to buy by the glass and plenty of things open to taste.